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Kore is a platform that brings business systems and communications together into a single, simple interface.


HR Communicate effectively and securely with employees

Securely send emails that include sensitive employee information.
Archive & audit all message logs.
Audit full mobile conversations.
Simplify on-boarding tasks for new employees.
Create collaborative team workspaces for members to make knowledge & activity transparent.


LEGAL Take control of the entire message lifecycle, safeguard your data.

Securely deliver contracts.
Sensitive information to employees and senior management partners.
Browse for and configure alerts from business systems using personal filters.
Complete administration of individual & team messages & communication across the enterprise. Gain visibility, take control!

How Avenir IT Empowers you?

Cross Platform (Desktop, Mobile, Web)

Powerful Bots for Seamless Workflow

Set Sharing Controls

Secure, Encrypted Messaging

Drag-and-drop files

Integrates with HR, ERP, & BRM systems

Syncs Seamlessly Across Devices

Receive Alerts, Take Action

Why Avenir IT

  • Avenir IT is an implementation partner for Kore.
  • We have expertise in enterprise mobility and can customise solutions to meet your enterprise’s needs.

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